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Connie J. Lewis, a lifelong veteran of the Network Marketing and Work At Home success story reveals secrets the MLM community does not want you to know!

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"In the 15 years she's been in this industry, and considering all the people who have referred to her as "coach"; begged her to come and train their entire downlines - what an awesome tool to be able to provide your team with. I would never consider joining a company without first seeking her advice. She's the best, even if she is my mom! If anyone should be opposed to networking from home, it should be an MLMer's child. Instead, I now operate business from my home as well, and continually seek Mom's advice to insure success."

Julia Richardson


"This hard hitting, brutally honest, yet funny tale of the largest and perhaps the most misunderstood marketing model in the world is a MUST READ for the professional and novice MLMer alike."

Jen Thon


I have been involved in MANY different MLM’s over the past 35 years, attended MANY meetings, conventions, conferences, phone conferences, you name it, I’ve tried it. But after reading “Reality Checks, MLM Secrets Revealed,“ I have learned so much. From how to pick a good company, who to join under, working for perks, how to recognize truth from lies in many MLM areas, how to sell and market product, facing rejection, and MUCH MORE. A very good educational read.

Debbie Dryer