Don’t Let The Alphabet Scare You!

Don’t Let The Alphabet Scare You!


Are you scared to death of the three little letters – MLM?  Does the idea of making a living by sharing what you have, use, and benefit from with others for pay just freak you out?


You’re not alone!


When the economy began to tank, more & more Americans began looking for “a way out” before they got “kicked out”, if you know what I mean… People began looking at alternative ways to earn income, keep their homes, cars & spending ability as well as their hope for a prosperous and healthy future.


Not surprising!


Friends & family are generally the biggest nay-sayers when it comes to marketing from home.  Corporations used to frown on those of us who cut out the need for large flashy storefronts, huge overhead, being away from our loved ones more than we’re with them, and earn our living by sharing and helping others get great results.  Now, however, many corporations have a segment of their marketing done in the exact same way.


Not so long ago, Past-President Bill Clinton made a public endorsement of the sales model.  Next… Donald Trump announces he’s starting his own MLM.


What is up with these guys?  Have they gone mad?


Leveraging time by a team effort working toward common goals is not new on the business scene.  Most companies just call it anything other than “multi-level marketing” or “network marketing”.  A different name does not change the activity or results.  Leveraging time, energy, and money to make it work for you, instead of against you is only smart business.


So what’s the hang-up?


Similar to the used car industry (since few realize every car is used – once you pay for it – or finance it –   and drive it off the lot), MLMers have gotten a bad rap.  Or have they?


Some companies make all companies questionable.  So what’s different about corporations?  Nada.  Nothing.  Very little, if anything!  Seriously…


Those who seem to side-step the topic of networking are often the very best at doing it.  They just have the ability to persuade others what they are doing is somehow “different” and therefore more ethical.


It isn’t!


Words like “affiliate” and “employment” fill the air – when many companies are simply looking for several other individuals who would like to jump on their band wagon and get overly excited about sharing it with others.  Gee… that sounds like MLM to me.  We try something.  It works.  We tell other people and get paid for that.  So do the other people!  I know MANY companies that operate business on this exact same principle.


If you’re yet to be invited to join “the inner circle” of a company, or “become a corporate super-star” making a real name for yourself within the industry, then you’re likely unemployed.


Yes, I do realize our government seems to encourage unemployment, assistance, reliance on instability, but I for one, am not swallowing what they are force feeding right now.  For now… this IS the land of the brave and freedom still allows me marketing capacity, from anywhere.


Who do you trust?


Do you risk buying life-altering products or services off the shelf because of a big name over the store-front entrance, or would you be more comfortable buying from a long-time friend or relative that has shown you results?  Beyond that – most networkers are willing to go the extra mile to assure you get great results as well.  I’ve never personally gotten that after picking up a health product off the shelf of a discount department store or chain.  Never.  Have you?


Few will go see a movie without the recommendation of several friends, acquaintances or family members, yet they trust their health to either a doctor they likely spend minutes out of every year with, or something they bought on a shelf.


What is smart about that?


My favorite kind of folks are those who say they abhor MLM, yet they are infomercial junkies.  Whatever the great looking guy with perfect abs says about health in the middle of the night MUST be correct.  Just look at him!  Many never stop to realize that infomercials are often MLM on steroids.  They’ve taken to the screen to promote their latest gadget,  machine, slicer-dicer, or creme that surely will make you look like you belong on the big screen yourself!  Do you believe they don’t anticipate you’ll share what you’ve just handed over your credit card number for with anyone and everyone in hopes of justifying your purchase?


Herding instincts are hard to fight…


Since “others” are doing it – somehow it makes us feel less like victims when we end up with another piece of exercise equipment that becomes a clothes hanger.  I’m yet to buy one of those machines and end up looking like the folks who advertised it.  Never occurred to me until recently they may have hired models who in fact don’t even use the thing… but oh… ownership should provide that instant six-pack anyway, right?




No matter where you make your purchases… consider who you know that has visible and tangible results before you lay down hard earned cash.


There are, indeed, some slime-bag network marketing companies that have managed to keep their doors open, but usually not for long.  Longevity is one key to consider.  Personal results, time invested by someone you trust, and  doing due diligence is the best route for discovering superior products and services.


Know any slime-bag corporations still in operation?


Unfortunately, it often takes far longer for the slime to rise to the top of the bag when disguised in corporate linens.  But as you know… slime is slime.  No matter how you bag it!


Expand your thinking and seriously ask yourself this one question:

Do I know ANYONE who has seriously benefited from using a health product, travel service, or technology presented from a home-based business?


Don’t lie to yourself.  It’s simply not a nice thing to do!


Next… consider what your every day begins and ends with.  Do you wake to a screaming alarm clock?  Scurry around to prepare to go make money for someone other than yourself?  Leave your loved ones for the majority of the day (and often evening) to keep someone else’s business alive and prosperous?


Do you like what you’re doing?


Coming from someone who has made their life (notice I did not say living) from the comfort of home for 30+ years… I can heartily encourage you to consider your options.  Open your mind to what “living” is really meant to be.  Unless you’re happy as a pound puppy who finally found a home working your j.o.b. please consider there are options – good ones at that!


If you take your opinions and wear them proudly as you trade hours for dollars, you may want to consider the “pyramid” you’re helping build.


My job is a pyramid?


Think about it!  If you have a CEO, board of directors, managers, department heads, and “employees”… it’s a pyramid.  Or a normal business model.  Which is it?


If you go to church, you likely have one person who is “main man” on all things and may/may not even be accountable to anyone else.  They may likely have a “board” that meets, or “elders, deacons, trustees”, or what they like to call “leadership”, but… it shakes down to that same ol’ pyramid shape, now doesn’t it?


I just love that pyramid shape!


When people ask me if I’m in one of “those pyramids” I always answer heartily with a resounding “Yes!” followed by helping them to see they are as well.  One way or another – we all get caught up in the “system” of distribution.  No matter how you slice it, dice it, mound it up and call it cole slaw… it’s still marketing from the top down.  Uniquely, we each get to be the peak of our own pyramid as well, and market from the top down.


What’s say we make some slaw together?  I know the perfect pyramids!


For a real peek at the inside…


If you’re interest is piqued even in the slightest, but you still find yourself with reservations about the industry as a whole – invest less than 20 bucks in an education that could shave years off your learning curve and spare you endless heartache in a much misunderstood industry. Over more than 15 years, sweating blood, sweat and hard earned dollars, I’ve climbed a few ladders and actually felt what “the top” is like. Learn and laugh, while the naked truth is revealed in a new and fresh way. RealityChecks – MLM Secrets Revealed is a new book with a new look at why the statistics just don’t make sense after more than 50 years of trying. Why do so few make so much, while the multitudes spend more than they make to keep trying to work from home? Answers now! Blunt, brutally honest, and a true insider’s look at how to get started, be aware, be informed and be successful, regardless of what company or product you choose to represent. It’s likely the best $17 you could invest.


It’s about the same as the cost of losing the shirt off your back… but way better!



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