Other MLMs are NOT Your Enemy!

Can’t we all just get along? Seriously people… something has to give with how MLMers view one another. In case you haven’t yet figured this out: Other MLM companies and/or distributors are NOT your enemies! They are a huge part of YOUR industry, and by supporting one another (that is, unless there’s an obviously hideous product/service, or something scandalous) we’re casting a vote to keep and cherish the business model that’s proven itself to work over the years.

Okay, so it’s worked better for some than for others. I get that. But the real deal is, at least folks still have options and can choose (hopefully based on real passion) something to do from home that enhances lots of things, including circle of influence, and the good ol’ bank account. Working from home helping others learn about what you have to offer, and how best to utilize it, and perhaps even share it with others is still a very good idea. One doesn’t have to research far to find plenty of evidence of powerful people in high positions now standing on the MLM soapbox along with some of us “regular” people. No matter how you slice it, any day working from home is better than being a slave to someone else’s time-clock, rules and regulations, and working conditions. To think… some employers even care what you wear to work!

Ahh… the benefits of working from home. They are plentiful.

Lest we forget the entire world likely views us as “one giant MLM pyramid” already, the last thing needed is for them to have their worst fears quickly reinforced by watching those within the industry readily bash one another.

While I’ll admit I don’t totally understand the party planning way of conducting a network marketing business (Oh believe me – I get the model, I just don’t see it as perfect for me), I can appreciate anybody who works as hard as most of them do, that is, if they intend to ever show a profit. Let’s face it – anybody who shows a profit working from home (or anywhere else for that matter) should stand and give themselves a round of applause! It’s not an easy thing to do in today’s economy. Still… I’ll take my chances from home before venturing into hoping some other small business stays fluid enough to meet financial obligations.

Embrace the industry as a whole and work on that “unshakable belief”. You’ll likely need it! As people become more discouraged with our spiraling economy, developing your strong reasons and belief in yourself, your company, and your product or service are your best defense against nay-sayers. And believe me – they’re everywhere!

Let’s not be naysayers to one another. There’s a right way to say “No thanks, I am not interested in being recruited at this time”.


Ahha! I did it! So can you. No need to be nasty, (even if you have unshakable beliefs in why NOT to get involved in a business). Just say “No thanks” and move on.

Yeah… sure we can all get along. Can’t we?


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