Smart People Doing Really Dumb Things

In all my years of networking, one of the things I’ve least understood is why seemingly smart people do such dumb things.

Let me give you an example:

I have people who have been with me in business, some as long as 16 years quite consistently. They worked to build a business of substance years ago, and are now able to enjoy some “residual income”. Yet… I notice that they leave money on the MLM table every other month. Why?

Breaking this down, let’s consider how most companies roll. You have two ways to make money in MLM.

1. Sell stuff – your product or service.

2. Recruit others to do the same.

So, with that in mind, once you’ve sold some products, introduced people to the benefits, and invited them to join you in business… why wouldn’t you SHOW them how to maintain a steadfast paycheck (regardless of size) by something as simple as consistency?

If you must maintain an auto-shipment each month in a company in order to receive maximum commissions, and for the sake of it, (let’s just say the order has to be at $100 to get paid), why then, would a representative order $250 one month; qualify, and get paid, and skip a month before ordering again?

Think about it! Wouldn’t it make far more sense to order $100 PER MONTH every single month and regain some of what you laid out, rather than skip one month of commissions and then over-order because you:

1. Have likely run out of product.

2. Don’t want the charge on your credit card every month.

This is insanity! IF you are entitled to a paycheck and do not take it, rest assured, someone else will take the money you leave behind. If not your upline (depending on how the plan is laid out) it will be what is known as “breakage”  – that’s the money that goes back to the company in ways other than what is obvious. Okay, so maybe that’s not the best definition, but it’s very close to the truth. Everyone anticipates a corporation to take their percentage. What some are not considering is how much more they CAN make if those who are qualified don’t take what’s due them. It goes somewhere.

If you love and use a product all the time, and there’s a minimum requirement monthly in order to be paid, by all means, figure out how to arrange things so you get money you deserve and have at some point in time earned.

Here’s the flip side to that same coin:

If you don’t draw income by purchasing on a monthly basis, ask yourself why you signed up. Was it coercion? Was it to acquire a new hobby? Did you believe you were really buying a home-based business? Do you believe in the business model?

Please start earning some income. Seriously! At least acquire enough customers or others who are willing to have a Home-Based-Hobby to offset the cost of your own products, every month.

Maybe it’s time to evaluate. Why are you in the company you signed on with? Shouldn’t you consider the monthly minimums to see if it’s in the ball park of what you’d LIKE to buy and use? If it is, and you can heartily show others how to do the same, then I suggest you buy the product/service, USE the product/service, and tell others how to do likewise, and COLLECT the checks you’re entitled to collect. Not every other month… consistently.

Honestly, there’s no reason to force an order if you’re not entitled to be paid, that is, unless you love the product/service and can’t live without it. Perhaps you should’ve remained a “preferred customer” instead of pretending to run business from home?

Jus’ sayin’…


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