Counter-Productive Company Policies

Every company has it’s policies and procedures. Some of them make a bit of sense. Others… not so much.

Today I had eye opener on what I call “counter-productivity” in MLM. It’s the “renewal” issue.

Okay… let’s see if I can wade through this maze of misunderstanding:

First, you pay a fee for the “privilege” of becoming part the entire sales force that keeps money flowing into the company.

Then you peddle products to increase revenue for both yourself, and the company that takes the larger share of the sales pie.

Then… just when you think you can breathe and step away from your “established business” to tend to real life, and anticipate all you’ve been told to be true (this can be a huge mistake), you’re informed you have not met the standard and are at risk of losing a large portion of your business.


Because “someone” has an idea of how to defeat the distributor base over ridiculously simple-to-fix issues.

Rather than REWARD consumers and distributors for their faithfulness, even those who regularly order products for themselves and others can find themselves deleted from the data base for non-payment of what is deemed “renewal fees”.

Renewal to what? 

Keep making the money that operates the company?

Seems totally backwards to me. Quite honestly, I think faithful distributors who order regularly and continue to be representation for any company should be rewarded with an annual bonus (like on most other jobs). Imagine if employees had to pay every Christmas in order to keep their jobs. To the employer, no less.

Does any of this make sense?

I get operational fees involved with doing business. I also know that without your $30 a year and mine, a company who gets monthly orders from us should be able to find a way to stay in business.

Maybe not.

Pretty scary to think of an actual company so dependent on retrieving “back renewal fees” to fill the coffers they are willing to penalize the distributors who sponsored them by withholding commissions to replace the owed fees. It gets worse! They actually think it’s a “promotion”.

Are you serious? As a heart attack!

Diminishing downline for reasons of stupidity. Wow. That is ALMOST as backward as companies that refuse to purge downlines after umpteen years of inactivity for fear of reducing their success figures.

Neither makes an ounce of sense!



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