You’ve probably heard it said: “Everyone is one paycheck away from homeless”.  In my case, I believe “Everyone is one drink away from owning their own business”!

It happened to me!  Fifteen years ago, I tried a nutritional energy drink that turned my life around in a plethora of ways.  My health improved dramatically.  Our household income blossomed in record time, providing many “extras” for ourselves, our children and others too gained benefit from my sudden “employment” if even from home.

I didn’t need a college education nor a degree to be accepted.

I didn’t have to prove I could do it by going through any grueling application process and waiting to receive acceptance… or denial.

I didn’t have to have a bajillion dollars socked away waiting for the perfect business to “buy”.  It cost me about a hundred and fifty bucks to start my own business.

I didn’t have to pass a medical exam, or have a psychiatric evaluation before proceeding.

I don’t have to drive anywhere to work.  I walk, dressed or not, to my computer.  It’s only feet away from my bed.  Or… I grab my laptop and get criticized for “working while on vacation” by those who don’t realize I get paid to vacation!

I don’t have to fix my hair, my nails, my make-up or anything besides my attitude on occasion to qualify to keep my job.  When I get up in the morning, I can look in the mirror I know I’m looking at my only real “boss”, all the while I know without God I am nothing and will achieve nothing.

Raised in abject poverty, I understand wants and desires, and I also understand what it means to be driven.

Poor people are driven to get out of poverty.  Rich people are often driven for the relationships and quality of life those less financially fortunate seem to latch easily onto.  Creative people often try most everything that comes to mind… and every once in a while something big sticks.  Big ideas can go big places… if you let them.

My MLM experience hasn’t been all cake.  Frankly, some of it is gut-wrenching, and disturbs me to even contemplate it.  But all in all… I’d have to say of the things I have latched onto in life, MLM has given me one very happy and prosperous ride.  Not always in dollars and cents for the efforts rendered, but at the end of the day, it’s about the relationships established that will be forever treasured.

How many lives have you touched?  How many lives have you allowed to touch you, if even in the wrong ways?

I believe in going for it!  Whatever your “it” is… you’ll never know if you can get somewhere if you never get it out of park.

I’ve been in motion since birth, always tackling challenges, taking on issues, fighting causes… and now I’m blowing the whistle.  It may not gain me any favor with the few who got told on for wrong-doing, but in my heart of hearts, I hope it helps the multitudes who try and cannot seem to make their way in what should be a very good business model.

I’m driven to tell the truth – popular or not.  Since I no longer feel the urgent need to be run up anybody’s special flagpole, except perhaps those of you working your butts off to get somewhere significant without sincere help, I don’t hold too much back.  Ever.

I’ve always been an advocate… for something.  First it was my hind end. I came out of a fairly angry home-life in childhood, to the antithesis in a husband.  Together 32 years, my husband is my best friend.  Together, we’ve raised two incredibly gifted children who have far surpassed our wildest imaginings.  They, in turn, have blessed us with 5 grandchildren… one just hasn’t quite gotten here yet.

I am eternally blessed and have all my needs and most of my desires met!