Counter-Productive Company Policies

Every company has it’s policies and procedures. Some of them make a bit of sense. Others… not so much. Today I had eye opener on what I call “counter-productivity” in MLM. It’s the “renewal” issue. Okay… let’s see if I can wade through this maze of misunderstanding: First, you pay a fee for the “privilege” […]

Smart People Doing Really Dumb Things

In all my years of networking, one of the things I’ve least understood is why seemingly smart people do such dumb things. Let me give you an example: I have people who have been with me in business, some as long as 16 years quite consistently. They worked to build a business of substance years […]

May The Best Rat Win!

We hear an awful lot about “the rat race” and whether we should or should not embrace it. Okay, so you don’t believe there are really those who embrace their rat race? Think again! Even those who have little good to say about their 9-5 or 7-7 j.o.b. will rise up in alarm at the […]

Other MLMs are NOT Your Enemy!

Can’t we all just get along? Seriously people… something has to give with how MLMers view one another. In case you haven’t yet figured this out: Other MLM companies and/or distributors are NOT your enemies! They are a huge part of YOUR industry, and by supporting one another (that is, unless there’s an obviously hideous […]

Don’t Let The Alphabet Scare You!

Don’t Let The Alphabet Scare You!   Are you scared to death of the three little letters – MLM?  Does the idea of making a living by sharing what you have, use, and benefit from with others for pay just freak you out?   You’re not alone!   When the economy began to tank, more […]