MLM and Used Car Sales – Is Everyone Slimy?

Do network marketers deserve the crappy reputation they have with the general population? I’m guessing so. Here’s my theory: If used car salesmen didn’t use slimy tactics to lure people into buying something whether they really want/need it or not, in effort to gain some commissions… they might not be viewed as such vultures. Same […]

Where Have All The “SCRUPLES” Gone?

Some things are too hard to ignore! If you’ve been in networking long, it’s probable that you’ve had at least a “misunderstanding” with a sponsor or two. No? Lucky you! Maybe it’s the way I pick ‘em… but my luck has not always been exceptional! There are a ton of rules in the game of […]

Auto-Dialers Need to DIE!!!

While it’s a very hot topic, I want to address telephone solicitation. Here’s how it got MY day started off in a way other than intended: I’m on the line with my daughter, and a number comes up that almost looks like it should be someone’s I know. No “no data” warning. No “unsolicited rude […]


It never fails! The instant you push that “buy now” button to join the latest, greatest network marketing company (hopefully not because they promised to build your downline) you’re invited to develop your all-important prospect list.   Some companies really get carried away with this!   Don’t get me wrong – it works! I did […]